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my travels - Pałac Mierzęcin #2

when you're in a new place and you fall in love with it instantly, you see only pluses of that place. it was the same with me and Pałac Mierzęcin. here is the link to my first visit there.

i had a chance to visit it once again with my best friend for a mom's getaway weekend.
first we were planning to go somewhere else but we ended up with Mierzęcin. and this time around we were more objective; we have pointed out several things that are not too cool over there but first about nice things!

we stayed at the palace (main building) and our room was perfect. we really felt like princess. we talked about ghosts and imagined what life was like in a palace a long time ago. i think that some ghost has visited us that night. it was wonderful, although my dream was disturbed by a terribly uncomfortable pillow. so take your own pillow with you if you plan to stay there for the night.
we really wanted to crumble from the wellness area, unfortunately it was terribly overcrowded, there was …

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