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what we read - kids #4

"Po ciemku, czyli co się dzieje w nocy."Monika Utnik-StrugałaIllustrations: Małgosia Piątkowska I bought this book because the topic of it intrigued me and I couldn't be happier for my kids to have it.  The size of the book totally surprised me in a good way because it's huge with big beautiful illustrations. The content in it is perfect for children and adults. A lot of interesting facts about sleep, things about nightlife, and more. We've learned so much from this book! 

"321 super ciekawych faktów, które trzeba poznać, za nim się skończy 13 lat" Mathilda Master Illustrations: Louize PerdieusThis book is something that my 12yrs old son is reading. The book is divided into thematic sections. From animals through the human body to space and more. There is a lot of various curiosities in it. My son loves it. 

"Hotel Winterhouse"
Ben Guterson
Illustrations: Chloe Bristol
It's the first part of the Winterhouse series. I'm reading it with my 8y…

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